Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy Baby

Rise and Shine! I'm Keira, i'll be 2 years old in two months. Wanna see my world?
Bunda said, i'm a busy baby. I always move here and there like setrikaan. Do you know setrikaan? My daily activity starts in the morning. And today is like the other day, i'm chill...brrr. But I am still cute, aren't I ?

First thing in the morning, i'm checking my garden to see morning dew in the leaf, love it. Aah there's a flower blossoms...

Hmm... nothing more fresh than the smell of flower in the morning

Hey! i saw ayah bringing his camera to shoot a grashopper in our garden. Ayaah! shoot me please. Wait! ok, now!

Ah.. my photo wasn't very good because i got bad hair day. no likey my sister, kevi. She's 10 months and very heavy hahaha! my bad mood disapear if she's around. We usually ride a bike in the morning, if it's not, she'll scream out loudly "TATAA TAAAA!", asking me to ride her around our yard. 

I am also the secretary of my parents. First, I check  bunda's cellphone. Oh, she got one sms from last night. And then I check our computer, so it'll be ready if ayah wants to use it. 
*phone's ringing*. Hallo? hallo?...hmm..there's no answer. Ok, I'll hold the phone till somebody there ready to talk hihihihi

 i've known  about computer very well since i was 3 months old. I used to see ayah built a computer or repair it. That's why I become his assistant. Ngutak ngatik computer is quite fun actually

Ok peeps, i have to go to the boys next door hehehe, they've been waiting for me to play hide and seek. till then, Tuteluuu!

This post written by bunda for Tante Gogo Giveaways

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eating Monster

Since I was  back from grandma's house, I become an eating monster hehehe. I eat, eat and eat again. It may be because I'm happy that i'm home. Bunda has taught me how to use spoon by myself, and that is me with the spoon and of course the spill hihihi. But I  still look cute, don't i?

One of my favourite snack is biscuits. I bet that kevi wants to have some of this biscuits. She's drooling
 I love to kiss my sister in her forehead. And sometimes I kissed her after  eating my biscuits so she gets a biscuits crumb on her forehead hihiihi. I hope ants don't get her

Heeei! I've lost one of my biscuits. Hmm...does kevi hide it?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well...guys...! I am so happy now....we’re  together again.  I am (KAK KEI) was in grandma’s house for three weeks.  I was really home sick, and nobody understood me. So, I didn’t eat  much as silent protest and made everybody know that I missed my family so much, especially KEVI. Finally, my grandma took me happy I am!!! 

Hooorrraaaa.....KAK KEI  is coming home!! Welcome back home KAK..! Imiss you very much. You know  whatt...? I was lonely when you were far away.  But I am happy now...let’s  play again!!!  Oups..I forgot one thing, you look darker and thinner...!!!

 Yup, you're right! I am darker now, but still cute,aren't I? I played a lot in the village. I did a bit tracking and learnt how villagers earn for living...! You should spend few weeks in the villege next time...
Spend in the village...????? Oh now....I am afraid to get sunburn...!!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey! look at me. i'm with mister ziiibra. Actually, mister zibra is kak kei toy, but she left mister zibra alone. Poor him, and then i came, and tadaaa, we've become friends. Me likey mister zibra!

Hey.. i have another stripes around me. It looks like mister zibra isn't it? My mom's friend said that i look like an african baby sorround by wild animal. Hmm i wonder.... what is it like in Africa?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being A Baby

Gosh...! being a baby is really boring. Except for my parents, nobody really understands what I want. They just try to form a funny face when I cry. In the morning when my mom is at work I stay with my dad, because my dad is working at home. I often shout at him when he works seriously, because I have no body to talk with. My father just lays me down on the sofa, just next to his computer. So, he can look at me and smile while his fingers are on the keyboard. When I cry he will come and talk to me.

Kak KEI is in grandma's house now. If she is at home, dad won't be able to work because kak KEI is very very active and never stay in one place in every couple of minutes. So, dad must take care of her most of the time.

While kak KEI is in grandma's house I can sleep well. Nobody disturbs me. Nobody screams in my ears. But I miss her so much. She always shows me many toys and always kisses me.
Mom said that we will come to visit her this week...How happy I am. I will meet her..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Here we are....

We are sisters  who are not too far different in age..
And I am sure in next three years people will think that we are twins.

  Girl talk.
I taught KEVI how to talk, although I don't have many vocabularies and good pronounciation.
But at least I introduced her girl stuffs..

 I always become the model of ayah and bunda's hobby,
and I am happy to do it. 
But sometimes I am bored..
I am KEVI, 
I am now one moth old,
my hobby is sleeping, 
a bit different from my sister's hobby,
I don't know next time.

 It's me, a girl who is crazy about kites
I really want to join boys chasing the kites,
but my dad said that I may  if I can stand well...
Yup, I still fall down in every single step...ehehe

Look at my muscles!!!
I think I will grow up  faster than babies in my age..

Guess what...!!! My sister's clothes are too small for me now..

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