Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy Baby

Rise and Shine! I'm Keira, i'll be 2 years old in two months. Wanna see my world?
Bunda said, i'm a busy baby. I always move here and there like setrikaan. Do you know setrikaan? My daily activity starts in the morning. And today is like the other day, i'm chill...brrr. But I am still cute, aren't I ?

First thing in the morning, i'm checking my garden to see morning dew in the leaf, love it. Aah there's a flower blossoms...

Hmm... nothing more fresh than the smell of flower in the morning

Hey! i saw ayah bringing his camera to shoot a grashopper in our garden. Ayaah! shoot me please. Wait! ok, now!

Ah.. my photo wasn't very good because i got bad hair day. no likey my sister, kevi. She's 10 months and very heavy hahaha! my bad mood disapear if she's around. We usually ride a bike in the morning, if it's not, she'll scream out loudly "TATAA TAAAA!", asking me to ride her around our yard. 

I am also the secretary of my parents. First, I check  bunda's cellphone. Oh, she got one sms from last night. And then I check our computer, so it'll be ready if ayah wants to use it. 
*phone's ringing*. Hallo? hallo?...hmm..there's no answer. Ok, I'll hold the phone till somebody there ready to talk hihihihi

 i've known  about computer very well since i was 3 months old. I used to see ayah built a computer or repair it. That's why I become his assistant. Ngutak ngatik computer is quite fun actually

Ok peeps, i have to go to the boys next door hehehe, they've been waiting for me to play hide and seek. till then, Tuteluuu!

This post written by bunda for Tante Gogo Giveaways


  1. Hawwwoooo anak2 angkat mamih gogooohh! Hamicu bangeeet uhuhuhu! Kepi kamu uda mengurus ya? Kok kamu uda ga mirip buntelan cotton candy lagi? Pokoknya mamih gogoh laaf kalian yaa... Halofyuhhhhh... *tiup2 dandelion*

  2. Wah Keira bener2 sibuk ya jadi seketaris dan asisten ayah bunda.... baik2 sama dedek Kevi ya ^^ salam kenal dari tante :D :D


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