Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eating Monster

Since I was  back from grandma's house, I become an eating monster hehehe. I eat, eat and eat again. It may be because I'm happy that i'm home. Bunda has taught me how to use spoon by myself, and that is me with the spoon and of course the spill hihihi. But I  still look cute, don't i?

One of my favourite snack is biscuits. I bet that kevi wants to have some of this biscuits. She's drooling
 I love to kiss my sister in her forehead. And sometimes I kissed her after  eating my biscuits so she gets a biscuits crumb on her forehead hihiihi. I hope ants don't get her

Heeei! I've lost one of my biscuits. Hmm...does kevi hide it?

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