Friday, July 15, 2011

Here we are....

We are sisters  who are not too far different in age..
And I am sure in next three years people will think that we are twins.

  Girl talk.
I taught KEVI how to talk, although I don't have many vocabularies and good pronounciation.
But at least I introduced her girl stuffs..

 I always become the model of ayah and bunda's hobby,
and I am happy to do it. 
But sometimes I am bored..
I am KEVI, 
I am now one moth old,
my hobby is sleeping, 
a bit different from my sister's hobby,
I don't know next time.

 It's me, a girl who is crazy about kites
I really want to join boys chasing the kites,
but my dad said that I may  if I can stand well...
Yup, I still fall down in every single step...ehehe

Look at my muscles!!!
I think I will grow up  faster than babies in my age..

Guess what...!!! My sister's clothes are too small for me now..

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