Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well...guys...! I am so happy now....we’re  together again.  I am (KAK KEI) was in grandma’s house for three weeks.  I was really home sick, and nobody understood me. So, I didn’t eat  much as silent protest and made everybody know that I missed my family so much, especially KEVI. Finally, my grandma took me happy I am!!! 

Hooorrraaaa.....KAK KEI  is coming home!! Welcome back home KAK..! Imiss you very much. You know  whatt...? I was lonely when you were far away.  But I am happy now...let’s  play again!!!  Oups..I forgot one thing, you look darker and thinner...!!!

 Yup, you're right! I am darker now, but still cute,aren't I? I played a lot in the village. I did a bit tracking and learnt how villagers earn for living...! You should spend few weeks in the villege next time...
Spend in the village...????? Oh now....I am afraid to get sunburn...!!! 

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