Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being A Baby

Gosh...! being a baby is really boring. Except for my parents, nobody really understands what I want. They just try to form a funny face when I cry. In the morning when my mom is at work I stay with my dad, because my dad is working at home. I often shout at him when he works seriously, because I have no body to talk with. My father just lays me down on the sofa, just next to his computer. So, he can look at me and smile while his fingers are on the keyboard. When I cry he will come and talk to me.

Kak KEI is in grandma's house now. If she is at home, dad won't be able to work because kak KEI is very very active and never stay in one place in every couple of minutes. So, dad must take care of her most of the time.

While kak KEI is in grandma's house I can sleep well. Nobody disturbs me. Nobody screams in my ears. But I miss her so much. She always shows me many toys and always kisses me.
Mom said that we will come to visit her this week...How happy I am. I will meet her..

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